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Aarhus University

Aarhus University is an academically diverse and research-intensive university with a strong commiment to high-quality research and education and the development of society nationally and globally.

Aarhus University is a young, modern university established in 1928. It has grown to become a leading international university where in-depth, cutting-edge research is combined with interdisciplinary collaboration, a focus on talent development and strong ties to business and industry.

Join an ambitious, dynamic research environment

The university employs more than 2,500 doctoral and postdoctoral researchers and approximately 2,000 senior researchers, lecturers and professors, which means that the research environment is young and dynamic.

The work environment at Aarhus University is characterised by a culture of collaboration and openness combined with high academic ambitions. The atmosphere is informal and there is an emphasis on open dialogue, which leads to a working culture that strongly encourages creativity and independent decision-making.

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