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The best of both worlds in the middle of Denmark

The thrill of challenging work. With the peace of mind of living in one of the world’s most secure countries.

The excitement of cutting-edge technologies. And the awe of seeing stars at night. The comfort of modern living. With the joys of nature outside your front door.

If you’ve ever dreamt of having the best of both worlds, Central Denmark might just be your promised land.

Picture life with a challenging job, in a knowledge-driven, innovative environment, working with some of the best in your field. What does your day-to-day life look like?

You’re probably picturing a big city. Concrete streets and glass high rises. Stress. Commuting.

But how about green trees? The ocean in the horizon? And the possibility to unwind within just a few pedal strokes of the office?

In Central Denmark, you’ll find leaders in healthcare, IT, audio technologies, green tech, design, manufacturing and much more. Best-in-class companies with an ocean view, or right next to the forest.

And you’ll find a flexible work environment, that leaves enough time for you to enjoy off-road mountain biking or kite surfing when the workday is done.

In Central Denmark, you really get the best of both worlds.

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Cutting edge tech. Pioneering innovations. World class design and sustainable business.

In Central Denmark, you’ll find leaders in green tech, audio technology, IT, healthcare, design, manufacturing and much more.

Sounds interesting? Then you might want to check out what they’re up to in Central Denmark.

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Work/life balance – the Jut way


In Central Denmark, you don’t have to choose between taking a leap in your career and having a social life.

You can have both. Work-life balance isn’t just an abstract ideal here, it is a legal right. And an integral part of the culture.

Life is all about balance. A balance you might find in the middle of Denmark.

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Everything within reach


They say great things come in small packages, and this is definitely true when it comes to Denmark.

Whether you are an art lover, a history buff or the outdoor type, Central Denmark has something for you, and it’s never more than two hours away.

Jog in the forest. Take a short drive to the city and enjoy world renowned art in impressive architectural surroundings, before catching dinner at a street food market. All in one day, in one area.

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All the help you need


Relocating to a new country and embarking on a new career isn’t just a physical journey.

It’s a mental plunge and a practical challenge. It’s the thrill and excitement of new adventures mixed with the fear of the unknown and uncertainty of starting over.

We’re convinced that Central Denmark is a place of great opportunities, with something for everyone. But getting the most out of what we have to offer requires a bit of help.

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