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Stinne Bille
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Anne Louise Møller Lauritzen
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About Headstart Career

HEADSTART Career is a career portal that lists open jobs from companies and organizations located in Central Denmark specifically suited for international candidates. The career portal facilitates contact between the region's companies and qualified international candidates interested in pursuing a career in Denmark.

The purpose of HEADSTART Career is to create awareness and interest in applying for jobs located in Central Denmark, supporting local companies and organizations in hiring international candidates.

Therefore, the HEADSTART Career website consists of two different yet intertwined sites. The first site presents the unique strongholds of living and working in Central Denmark, while the second holds all the open jobs and company profiles wrapped into an easy overview with powerful search features.  

HEADSTART is a joint initiative by the partners Business Region Aarhus, Business Region MidtVest and Copenhagen Capacity. The two local business regions have strong insights into the corporate infrastructure within the region combined with extensive networks among public, municipal and private organizations. Copenhagen Capacity has multiple years of extensive experience in attracting and retaining highly specialized international candidates through award-winning digital talent attraction campaigns. Combined, the partners hold the necessary competencies to support local companies in recruiting highly qualified candidates.

Read the project description here.

Funded by

Danmarks Erhvervsfremmebestyrelse
The European Social Fund