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Funday Factory

Funday Factory is a games studio focused on mobile platforms, that builds creative solutions and high-quality games rooted in one key premise - fun!

About Funday Factory

Funday Factory was founded in 2011 in Aarhus, Denmark. We specialize in mobile games and have worked with world-renowned brands, IPs and partners including LEGO, Snapchat, Cartoon Network, TV2 and many more. Our portfolio consists of more than 60 games, our number of talents have reached 40 - and we’re not done growing. 

Funday Factory consists of a rich talent pool of enthusiastic game designers, game developers, producers, programmers, artists and marketers, who all help us reach our biggest vision - to make epic and engaging games for shared adventures. This means that we never settle for mediocrity, and we go to work to produce the greatest games of the highest possible quality - always with our users in the driver's seat. But that’s only half the reason. We go to work to have fun. A lot of fun.

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