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Humio provides modern log management for unrestricted, comprehensive event analysis.

At Humio, we are developing the fastest free-text search engine for structured and unstructured logging.

There was a time when you could sit at your workstation and listen to the spinning disks, the interference between the network and sound cards. If something odd happened, you could notice it immediately, as the engine's humming suddenly stopped. 

Today, we don't have that hum. Everything is running in remote data centers, in containers, in serverless functions.

We built Humio to get back to feeling the hum of your systems. We change the way you think about log management software, by allowing you to observe and search all of your system's data in real time.

Join our Parliament!

Our ambition to succeed on a global scale is rooted in people who are experts at what they do.

Our logo, the owl, symbolizes the goddess of wisdom, and a cohort of owls is called a Parliament. At Humio, this means we check our egos at the door, work in teams, and mobilize our different skills. We trust each other enough to contribute and challenge, respect and appreciate opinions, and always value the truth. In this environment, everyone is excited to push a little extra so it all comes together.

As we keep growing at the speed of our sub-second search latency, we love to welcome new Members of Parliament who also get inspiration and drive from wanting to see a unique product succeed globally. At Humio, you’ll influence your tasks, have the freedom to speak your mind, receive great support from skilled colleagues, and you'll have the flexibility to tailor the work-life balance you want.

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