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Lunar is a modern bank with the aim of giving our users everything they need money-wise right at their fingertips.

Lunar's focus is to build a new bank from scratch without legacy. We breathe for changing banking for the better so our users can manage their money in a new way. We use technology to react swiftly to their needs. We listen, we build and we improve constantly.

Lunar was founded in 2015, and our offices can be found in all the big cities of Scandinavia. We employ more than 400 people skilled in Tech, Design, Business Development, HR, Compliance, Banking, Marketing, Communication, Support, and much more.

As an organisation we are looking for people who are eager to challenge, fast-paced, and persistent. This also pretty much sums up the way we work. A great mix of hardcore skills is always the way we approach a task, and of course, we always serve it with a dash of humor on the side. Our flat organizational structure allows us to work agile all the way from the first idea to the finished product in the app.

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