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Plandisc is the world’s first digital circular calendar.

A busy schedule and many different tasks often make it difficult to keep a much needed overview. We want to knock those worries out with Plandisc - the perfect tool to map your rhythm of business in a unique overview. The Plandisc is ideal for visualizing organizational flow while at the same time keeping a complete overview across departments. 

Plandisc's circular calendar was created as a planning tool for schools. Soon after its launch, all kinds of organizations found it very useful for their planning as well, so Plandisc continues to develop this amazing tool to meet the diverse needs of our many customers - associations, marketing departments, the board of directors and human resources departments, among others.

So much to do, so little time to do it!

The digital change brought about by the Covid-19 pandemic has changed companies' adoption of technology and transformed business and the way we work forever. What's more, we believe that many organisations are missing out by not mapping their rhythm of business. Organisations that do not maintain or visualize a steady, predictable pace - in the form of regular meetings, cyclical activities, evaluations and feedback - will never realise their full potential. 


Plandisc is a user-driven company. We listen, develop and improve. The customer’s needs are ours, and our customer-oriented focus keeps us constantly on the move for new features and improvements. Innovation is one of our core values as we strive to meet our customer’s daily needs.

Join our international work sphere

From our headquarters in Denmark, we provide services to users worldwide – currently in 15+ countries. As we strive to be as close to our markets as possible, our employees are a mixed group of nationalities from around the globe. We love the synergy of an international work sphere and are always on the lookout for talent.

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