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Precis Digital

Precis is a digital marketing agency whose primary focus is to use data to create value for customers looking to benefit from the digital economy.

Precis is here to define the next generation digital marketing agency. Data, technology, and good old human brains will make it happen. Value-based pricing, maximised transparency, a knowledge culture, and a ton of innovation on behalf of our clients is how it will happen.

In the future, the value of all marketing activities will become transparent. Precis is here to understand the value that we create, and, importantly, the value we don't create! This allows us to buy media at the right price and create immense value for our clients. We're here to help our clients prosper in the digital economy, being several steps ahead of the competition for what is bound to happen - readjusting to a new world of marketing.


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To succeed with our vision and deliver the best solutions to our clients, we need the best people. Our organisation is young and full of energy with smart people building towards our vision. We strive to build a team of diverse skills and personalities, with a shared common ground.

This is where our culture comes into play. At Precis, we question what we know today, embrace change and are always helpful and collaborative. We believe in good judgment and transparency, and that responsibility goes hand in hand with freedom - with a transparent working process to keep everyone in the loop. And we know that excellence thrives in joyful and diverse environments.

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