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STRONGMINDS is a full stack software development company, creating tailormade solutions from user to back-end, and across platforms.

As external consultants, we will blend in with our customers’ day to day development cycle, either on location, or from our office. Creating value for our customers is crucial, and we do so by being a trustworthy and competent partner, solving the task at hand, while keeping the customer’s business and overall goals in mind.

Having an agile mindset, we believe that software development peaks, when working in small efficient teams – constantly pushing forward through testing, improving, and delivering working software.

With a strong passion for software craftsmanship, we have created the Software Craftsmanship Program. A structured and tailormade education program in four steps, based on matching young, newly educated talents, with experienced developers as mentors.

We perform solid software craftsmanship and are great people to work with!

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You will be part of a dedicated group of people from Denmark and abroad, working within software development, UX Design and communication. We have excellent employment conditions and work-life balance – a flat structure and an informal work environment, based on trust and respect. We practice freedom with responsibility, and you will be able to influence your own time and tasks. 

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