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Swap Language

Swap Language offers Danish lessons to companies and international employees based on motivations and real-life scenarios.

Swap Language is the future of fun and engaging language learning.

They strive to make language learning fun, entertaining, and relevant by creating a language universe that fits the life of internationals. By implementing the best technology and latest e-learning methods, Swap Language has been changing the lives of internationals by offering these innovative Danish lessons.

Their vision is to break down the language and cultural barriers all over the world, which is why they believe it’s important to make language easy and fun to learn. A combination of the latest and greatest online streaming software and e-learning methods is what makes it possible to create language lessons to thousands of members at the same time – live and on-demand.

Swap Language is much more than a language school.

Swap Language helps internationals feel at home anywhere in the world by working together with companies to give their international employees the most effective and flexible language learning, which is why the lessons are made to fit each individual’s busy schedule.

Swap Language offers real-life meetings to bring internationals and locals together because learning a language is about meeting people; they are, as they call it themselves, in the edutainment business.

If you’re curious to join the Swap Language team, find their open positions here.