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Internationals On Ice

We are going Ice Skating!

Soon it will be wintertime in Denmark 🍂🌨️❄️

To avoid the autumn blues we invite all internationals and their families to go ice skating.

Herning Skøjtehal

Sunday 14th of November, 15:00 - 17:00. 

For you to have the best time...

  • Wearing gloves is mandatory
  • Helmet is recommended  
  • Thick socks with long-necks are recommended 

It is a myth that Danes know how to ice skate, and neither do you need to be a professional figure skater or hockey player to participate.
We will guarantee a fun time, so come join us! 

The event is for internationals living in Central Denmark and it is free.

Please bring your kids or spouse, but sign them up separately for us to know how many will join us. 

By the way... We follow all updated governmental guidelines regarding COVID19. Looking at the current sign up, we are not reaching the proposed threshold for required corona-passes, however we will strongly encourage non-vaccinated people to have a negative covid19 test before attending. 

Please note

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