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‘Coopetition’ = a career destination with room to grow

Central Denmark’s companies are close to each other – and not just geographically. Here, collaboration is widespread, even between competitors. This drives innovation and creates a fertile ground for job opportunities, making Central Denmark an ideal destination for expats who don’t want to move for just one job, but for an ecosystem filled with possibilities.

Central Denmark is a small spot in a small country – but the local companies have big ambitions. By collaborating with competitors, they are pushing innovation forward and attracting global attention. Not least from international talent.

According to a study from 2020, 168.000 digital talents are currently employed in Denmark, of which 11 % are from abroad. In fact, the number of international digital talents has increased significantly since 2011 – and it still does. This is also evident in the Central Denmark Region, where more and more companies are employing internationals and harvesting the benefits.

Relocating for more than one job

Taking the plunge to relocate to a new country for one job is nerve-racking. However, the internationals who have chosen Central Denmark soon realise that they chose a region with multiple career opportunities.

With just 140 kilometers from coast to coast (which translates to a two-hour drive), Central Denmark is geographically small. Settling in one city means that a quick drive or train ride can take you to exciting jobs anywhere across the region.

This proximity makes it even easier for talents to change jobs when new opportunities arise, or simply because they’ve grown out of their current position and need new challenges. Seen in this light, knowledge exchange across companies and sectors can be staggering. But companies in Central Denmark know what they’re doing!

Cross-company knowledge sharing

The Central Danish companies aren’t just connected; they are great at keeping the ‘coopetition’ alive. Here, competitors know when to work together. The Destination AARhus TechBlog, a unique platform for IT talent that went live in 2020, is a great example of how competitors can collaborate in order to help their employees grow. Every month, IT specialists, each of them experts within their field, write and share blog posts giving insights in their work. And the posts are a free read for all.

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Sharing knowledge on a public platform can mean your competitors might get their hands on great inside knowledge. But, when both competitors are publishing on the same platform, they each get an equal advantage – lifting each other by inspiring their employees. And thus proving that employees’ growth and ability to innovate is prioritized above all in a Central Danish company.

“The leading companies, we at Destination AARhus represent, are closely connected, prioritizing employee growth and development above competition. We experience many employees within IT and digitization are changing jobs, simply to grow and develop as professionals. Luckily, there are plenty of opportunities in the area, and companies recognize that the individual’s growth will in turn contribute to the growth of their field and business,” explains Maria Thing Nielsen, Head of Secretariat at Destination AARhus.

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