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Danish researchers are tackling renewable energy’s biggest challenge

As a frontrunner on climate action, Denmark is leading the way to more sustainable energy use. Wind production per capita already exceeds that of any other OECD country and Denmark aims for 100% of renewables by 2050. A new project now supports this goal by tackling one of renewable energy’s biggest limitations: its storage.

Innovation and technology go hand in hand

Central Denmark is ranked as the region using most renewable energy in Denmark, thus leaving a greener footprint for every day that passes – and inspiring others to follow along.

Now, the region is home to a project carving the path to another crucial technology: the storage of renewable energy. The initiative involves Aarhus University, wind-energy giant Vestas and startup AquaNamic, who are now building a plant to test whether it is possible to store wind energy in water balloons buried underground. 


“There is a huge need for storage technologies in a future with more and more renewable energy. Today, we are forced to give energy away because we can’t store it optimally,” says engineer Kenny Sørensen, who leads the project at Aarhus University.


How does it work?


The new technology is based on the same principles as hydropower. Water is pumped into a membrane under the soil using surplus electricity from renewable sources. Once the energy is needed again, the valve opens, and the pressure of the soil pushes the water out of the balloon through a turbine generating electricity.

A way to store surplus wind energy instead of handing it away, while leading Denmark further on the track towards a greener future. This flexible energy system is expected to play a major role in becoming fossil-fuel free by 2050.


Central Denmark shows that collaboration is key


A project of this dimension requires support and alliances across stakeholders and industries – a widespread philosophy in Central Denmark.

Among others, the energy startup behind the technology, AquaNamic, has joined forces with Vestas, a world-leading company who has delivered more wind power than anyone on the globe, and Aarhus University, who can assist with verification and further development.

As a growing hub for state-of-the-art wind energy technology, Central Denmark is also a place where collaboration makes innovative ideas become a reality.


Is your future green?


To achieve this type of ambitious goals, organisations in Central Denmark are always on the lookout for international talent.

Working here means working in an environment that validates sustainability and the urge to solve the ongoing global climate crisis – allowing you to leave a green footprint for generations to come through your career choices.

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