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Denmark leads the way on climate action

Experts from Yale and Columbia University have ranked Denmark #1 in the 2020 Environmental Performance Index. This is backed by arguments such as Denmark’s results with reducing carbon emissions by more than half since peaking in 1996 and the Danish Government’s goal to reduce emissions by 70% before 2030.

“Denmark’s #1 position in the 2020 Environmental Performance Index reflects high-level focus and carefully conceived Government policies on the full spectrum of sustainability challenges with particular effort centered on delivering deep decarbonisation. We hope other nations across the world will take inspiration from Denmark’s leadership,” said Daniel Esty, Director at Yale Center for Environmental Law and Policy.

Green innovation in Central Denmark

One of the places/regions leading the way to a more sustainable energy production is Central Denmark. Companies such as Vestas Wind Power and Siemens Gamesa are doing their part to fuel the global transition to green energy.

A great example of living green is the small Central Danish island, Samsø, locally known for its delicious potatoes. But potatoes are not the only thing they get right. Since 2007, Samsø has been 100 % sustainable, relying entirely on renewable energy such as wind, solar, and biomass energy- setting an example of what is possible with a little innovation and a lot of ambition.

However, sustainability on the island doesn’t stop here. Looking into the future, Samsø is working towards becoming fossil free by 2030. This means that all aspects of transportation and infrastructure need to switch to electricity or biogas. This will secure them yet another title, and the island will be known as “Denmark’s Renewable Energy Island” as well as “Denmark’s Fossil-fuel Free Island”.

Work with a purpose

Energy is one among many industries, where Central Denmark secures innovation and change. Across all sectors, local companies set ambitious goals to deliver innovative solutions that help bring down the world’s CO2 emissions or their own.

Grundfos is developing intelligent pumps that save water and energy which in turn help them secure drinking water for people in need. Danish Crown is working to secure a sustainable food production with respect for animals, people, and the environment. Start-ups are blooming in the area with new ideas, solutions, and ambitious ways to help Denmark reach its 70% reduction goals and push the world’s nations towards a greener future - fast.

Working in Central Denmark often means working towards a more sustainable future. Explore your career opportunities in Central Denmark here.